Discover the taste of Italy

My father was a very good artist-painter as a hobby. Therefore I was, as child, always surrounded by beautiful art. He had also the habit, at least once a week, to go for a dinner with the family in town and then we had always something special for dinner. He was an owner of several fashion shops in Amsterdam. A very artistic man with a great sence of  humor but specially he loved good food.

After many years working for law firms, working for several partners, children on their own, I decided to do something I liked very much. I wanted to be busy with delicious and beautiful things. My cooking hobby was the trigger and I thought there must be more than the products I could find in that time. When I was in Italy and we ordered Risotto, the taste was much more rich.

Obviously the influence of my youth, beautiful Ceramic, Olive wood, cutlery, glasses, but especially delicious food, did me give the feeling, that I had to do something with my background. From 2003 I am busy with finding delicious products from Italy, the country, that for me, from all area’s can offer me a lot of delicious food en beauty. We import from all area’s, for instance, olive oil from Piemonte, Toscane, Liguri, Abruzzo, Lazio, Lago di Garda, Umbrie, Calabria, Puglia, Sicily.

Sweet from Toscane, amaretti, cantuccini, brutti ma buoni, panforte, ricciola, but also Panettone with Christmas, Colomba with Easter etc. Balsamic vinegar from Modena and Reggio. Handmade pasta from Puglia and Toscany. All kind of antipasti from Tuscany and Sicily. Delicious sauces from Umbrie and Sicily. All are our own import. We think our shop is an experience. Our clients are able to taste our olive oils and balsamic condiments and balsamic vinegars with a nice espresso after testing with something sweet. Also the explanation is important and for which dishes you can use it for.