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We have a beautiful store, Gelderlandplein 139, Amsterdam. We import from Italy the most beautiful products.

We have balsamic vinegar in different ages.

We import our balsamic vinegars from Modena, Tuscany. These are in different ages. From 3 years till 30 year, but we have also a 100 year in our shop.

The balsamic vinegars has been on barrels for f.i. 6 years and the barrels are different kind of wood. FI a 15 year old balsamic vinegar which has been 15 year in oak barrels, or a 20 year old balsamic vinegar which had been 20 years in cherry wood barrels. So the balsamic vinegars will have different tastes.

Also we have a tasting from Leonardi with 5 bottles with different ages: 1 bottle with a 5 year on Ashwood barrels, 1 bottle with a 8 year old on Chesnutt barrels, 1 bottle with a 10 year old on oakwood barrels, 1 bottle with a 12 year old on …… wood, 1 bottle with a 16 year old on Cherrywood barrels.

Christmas parcels filled with love

Bizzirri plate, 2x hand made bowls, white balsamic vinegar, little bottle olive oil with lemon, crème from the sundried tomato, artichoke crème, crème from walnuts,


Bizzirri plate with lemon, crème from the sweet pepper, olive oil with lemon, little hand made bowl, white balsamic vinegar100ml


Galantina tasting: affiorato,soft oil with a lot of taste, oil with lemon, oil with mixed herbs, oil with chilli pepper, oil with basil,



Red plate from Modigliani Roma, red and white balsamic vinegar, harissa, spicy crème, Ziccardi handmade, air dried Spaghetti, pie from Sienna


Flat bread, Ranise olive oil with herbs, Harrissa, spicy crème for pasta and bread, taggiasca olives, tomato crème made with sundried tomatoes, small handmade bowl



We also offer the possibility to put together a tailor-made Christmas package at our store at an appropriate distance. We work in blocks of time of 30 minutes.


Think also about Christmas gifts, absolutely a recommender, everyone will have the feeling to be in Italy. How happy can you make your friends or colleagues with a gift from Italy

These are the most delicious Christmas gifts.

We also sell organic balsamic vinegars. Of course we also make delicious organic packages on request

These products are very beautiful to use as a gift for Christmas, or for a good business partner, or for people you work with. Very extraordinary. We have also the Traditional, that is the balsamic vinegar which has been approved by the Jury of the Consortium of the Balsamic vinegars of Italy. The traditional has been on barrels f.i. for 12 til 15 years, the Affinato, or the balsamic vinegar which has been on barrels for 25 years, the Exta Veggio,. These two balsamic vinegars had to be bottled in a special, Consortium proved bottle. If you see a balsamic vinegar in that ages in all kind of bottles, the are not the real Traditionale. We import from Leonardi: www.leonardi.it and Terra dell Tuono, www.terradeltuono.it.

Olive oils

Our olive oils come from all parts of Italy. We import from Sicily, Abruzzo, Liguria, Naples, Tuscany, Puglia and we keep searching.

Where does our olive oil come from?

From Sicily we have a very nice, lot of taste olive oil, creamy, grassy, full bodied, with a little peppery after taste. www.cugnodellanito.it

Great for a dip, but also for salat and for ice-cream, a little stripe of Sicilian oil, and a little bit of sea salt, the most beautiful after dinner.

Olive oil from Naples, fresh, fruty,7 weeks picked by hand before ripping, This oil is a mono cultivar, that will say: only made from the Recioppella olive.
ORO is a blend with the Recioppella, Ortelana, Orticce. Soft taste, creamy, little green, very delicate.

Liguria, has the taggiasca olive, creamy, a little bit salty olive. This olive stays crispy even when you use this olive on f.i. a pizza. We sell also these olives in a jar.

Abruzzo, has a lot of blends, this are olive oils which are made with different kind of olives. The are very delicate, but every year these olive oils have a little bit different tastes. Every year it is a surprise and that is nice. Abruzzo has a lot of different olives like Leccino, Frantoio, Perenzano and the Dritta www.verdeabruzzo.it

Puglia, we have a blend: we sell the Affiorato, coratina olive, moraiolo, and leccino. Delicious olive oil, soft with a lot of taste, and an almond after taste.

Tuscany, the Ornelaia olive oil, a respected winery that also has 2000 trees with the following olive varieties. Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino, as well as local varieties such as Gremignolo Bolgheri, Olivastro Suvereto, the blend is made from these olives, nice green, light grass with a nice bite afterwards www.ornalaia.com.
For a beautiful Christmas gift it is also wonderful to give an olive oil in a beautiful package.


We import pasta from Tuscany and Puglia. Hand made pasta.

Toscany is a handmade egg pasta, verry delicate pasta, ready in 2 minutes, great with fresh truffel. www.campofilonese.com

Puglia handmade farmer pasta, www.pastificioziccardi.com. Fettucce, chitarra, pappardelle, Spigotti, the most delicious pastas. Also for making lasagne we have the most delicious pasta.

Sauces and pesto

We have for every pasta the perfect tomato sauce made from the big, ripe tomato from Abruzzo.

Arrabiata, Napolitana, Olive, Truffle, Puttanesca, Mediteranea. Also these pasta sauces are the best.

No sugar added, also for vegan

Pesto, like a tomato pesto, but also a pesto from basil. Pesto Trappanese, Sicily, crema di peperoni, all kind of antipasti, but also spicy bruschetta, Italian sambal, and much more to much to write, you van see them in our web shop, also for vegan. 

Tasting: Please come to our shop to taste our products, the balsamic vinegar and the olive oils are always open for tasting.

A shop full of delicious Italian products.


Come and have a taste, enjoy our beautiful Italian products, all of our own import. A store full of tasty flavors that will make you happy.

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