We import our olive oils from all over Italy. From North to South.

After picking the olives, the olives will be pressed immediately, within 24 hours. This to avoid fermentation of the olives. Otherwise the olive will change the taste of the olive oil.

The pressing is possible in deferent kind of machines. Our oil are pressed mechanical or like a centrifuge. After pressing the olives will be stored in very big silo’s and will be stay there for 2 or 3 month. The olive oil will clean it selves by losing all the dirt of leaves, pits, etc. After the rest period, the bottles will be filled with a clean and tasty olive oil. The dark substrate will be filtered as long as it takes, for cleaning the oil. You can imagine that these olive oils, under the same name, do not have the same taste as the not filtered olive oils and they do not have the same benefits for your health.

We import our olive oils from all over Italy. From North till South.
For us it is very important that the olives which are used for the olive oil are known. For the blend as well as the Monocultivar it is important to know which olives are used and where they come from. For instance the Leccino olive, Tuscany, gives a little peppery taste with a little bit bitter aftertaste, The Moroiola olive, Tuscany gives a fresh taste with a light peppery aftertaste. The Tonde Iblea olive, Sicily, gives a very green taste, like a country style olive oil but also spicy, from itself, at the end. The Recioppella olive, Naples, grassy but also a fruity taste. The Coratina olive, Puglia, a nutty taste a little peppery aftertaste. The olive oil from Tuscany from the House of Ornelaia, is a blend, light grassy, fresh, little peppery, soft but also a lot of taste.
For backing we import a very beautiful light olive oil from Sicily. This oil does not dominate in you dishes. This olive oil is also very good for sauces, sauce vinaigrette and to store vegetables.

We invite you to come to our shop to taste all kind of olive oils so you can choose the taste you like. Also with the balsamic vinegars.