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About Us


In a world that is increasingly industrialized, we firmly believe in preserving authentic flavors and crafts cherished across generations. Our passion for Italian culture and cuisine led us to establish Oliodiolivo Di Amsterdam. We aim to share Italy's incomparable flavors, textures, and art forms with our community. We are here for everyone who has a deep love and appreciation for Italian culture, from food to art.

How We Operate

We collaborate closely with small and exclusive Italian producers to offer you a carefully curated selection of high-quality delicacies and crafts. Each product in our store is handpicked to provide you with an authentic Italian experience. From 150-year-old Balsamic vinegar to traditional pasta and pasta sauces, each product tells its own story and comes with rich historical background. And that's not all; we also offer an exceptional line of traditional Roman ceramics.

What We Offer

Located in the heart of Amsterdam-Buitenveldert, at Gelderlandplein, Oliodiolivo Di Amsterdam is your gateway to Italy. Here you will find:

  • Exclusive Olive Oils: Directly imported from small farms in Italy.
  • Balsamic Vinegar: Including our unique 150-year-old variant that embodies the true essence of Italian cuisine.
  • Truffles and Truffle Products: For that special, luxurious touch in your dishes.
  • Traditional Pasta and Pasta Sauces: For an authentic Italian meal experience.
  • Roman Ceramics: Handcrafted, traditional pieces that represent Italian artisan artistry.
  • The Tasting Table: What sets us apart is our special tasting table for Balsamic and Olive Oil. Here you can discover different flavors and make a choice that perfectly matches your own taste profile. The experience is always a surprise, enabling you to select products that will genuinely amaze and delight you.

In addition, we regularly organize special events, tastings, and workshops to deepen your experience of our products.

Meet Us Today!

Visit us at Gelderlandplein and become part of our community of Italian culture and cuisine enthusiasts. Experience for yourself why Oliodiolivo Di Amsterdam has been bringing the authentic taste of Italy to Amsterdam since 2004.