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Oliodiolivo Di Amsterdam

The italian art of taste

Discover more then over 250+ traditional italian products. Visit our store or shop online.

Beautiful Olive Oils

Discover your Authentic Taste

Extra Virgin is our standard

Balsamico From Italy
Traditional Balsamic

From the hart

Discover Your Taste Of Italy

The Art Of Taste

Purely made with passion

We import our products directly from Italy

We import our products directly from Italy, directly from the producer. Organic, DOP, without additives, unfiltered and in extra virgin olive oil. From all parts of Italy. The balsamic vinegars we import from Tuscany and Reggio. From the barrel (traditional) or with a little wine vinegar (aceto). No sugar added, no E numbers. Straight from Modena and Reggio.

We do not believe in private brands: our jars, bottles and bags are not filled by anyone other than the producer. Otherwise the products are not 100% guaranteed and the quality is not 100% certain. That's why in our store, just like in Italy, you will see all different types of producers.

Extraordinary pottery from Rome

Our ceramics we import from Rome. Modigliani. When we were in Rome and walking along Via Condotti, we saw the Modigliani store. We immediately fell in love not only with this line of ceramics but also with their glass. It's all handmade and hand shaped. That's why it's so incredibly beautiful.

We went in and talked to one of the ladies who worked there and they told me to come back the next day. That day one of the ladies was in and was able to tell us more about the possibilities. From that day, 15 years ago, we have been doing business with Modigliani and we hope to do business for years to come. It's always a surprise when new items come in.

Import Particulars

Our extra virgin olive oil we import from all parts of Italy: Liguria, Tuscany, Naples, Lago di Garda, Puglia Umbria, Sicily etc. Also high quality olive oil from Puglia in a handmade jar.

Our antipasti, vegetables, olives are in extra virgin olive oil. Also our seafood from Sicily. Straight from the sea into the pot. Fresh tomato sauce from Umbria, handmade pastas from Tuscany and Puglia, pestos from Liguria and Sicily.

Our Italian cookies come from Tuscany and the appearance already indicates how they taste. Our truffle products come from Umbria, truffle honey, salt, salsa truffle, truffle oil and during the season we import fresh truffles.

We are happy to share our Italian pride

What a super nice store! An extensive range, very good service with good information and delicious tips and ideas. This lady knows what she is talking about !! I'm going to cook nice!
This is really a super nice shop specializing in olive oil and balsamic vinegars which you can also taste. Once you have tasted this, you will never want an olive oil from the supermarket again !! Highly recommended 🙂