The Italian art of taste

Discover the taste of Italy

My father was a very good artist-painter as a hobby. Therefore I was, as child always surrounded by beautiful art. He had also the habit at least once a week to go for a dinner with the family in town and then we had always something special for dinner. He was an owner of several fashion shops in Amsterdam. A very artistic man with a great sence of humor but specially he loved good food.

After many years working for law firms, working for serveral partners, children on their own, I decided to do something I liked very much. I wanted to be busy with delicious and beatiful things.

Our Products

We import our products from Italy, specially from all parts of Italy.
We import Balsamic vinegars from Toscany, Modena and Reggio. Those are the regions where the balsamic is made and certified. Those balsamics you can buy in two categories: from the barrel into the bottle or from the barrel with a little bit vinegar into the bottle. You can taste in our shop those products.

Our extra vergine olive oils comes from all over Italy: from Liguria, Garda, Toscany, Napels, Umbrie, Puglia, Sicily. Also a beautiful olive oil in a hand made jar. Our antipasti, vegetables, olives are all in olive oil. From Umbrie very nice tomato sauces, Fish in olive oil from Sicily, handmade pasta from Puglia and Toscane. Pesto from Liguria but also pesto’s Sicilian way, Our cookies comes from Toscany, made in the Toscany style, but also what you see is how it taste. Our truffle products, oil, salt, salsa, honey etc. comes from Umbrie. Our Ceramics we import from Rome, very special and very tasteful.

We are happy to share our Italian pride

  • What a super nice store! An extensive range, very good service with good information and delicious tips and ideas. This lady knows what she is talking about !! I'm going to cook nice!

  • This is really a super nice shop specializing in olive oil and balsamic vinegars which you can also taste. Once you have tasted this, you will never want an olive oil from the supermarket again !! Highly recommended 🙂


Special pottery from Rome

Our ceramics we import from Rome. Modigliani. When we were in Rome and we were walking the Via Condotti, we saw the shop of Modigliani. We were directly in love with this ceramic line but also their glass. It is all ;handmade, and hand shaped. That’s why it is so unbelievable beautiful. We went in and we talked to one of the ladies, working there, and they told me to come back the day after. That day one of the ladies was in and could tell us more about the possibilities. From that day, 15 years ago, we do business with Modigliani and we hope to do business more years. It is always a surprise when new items are arrived.